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Fri Apr 14, 2017 8:30 am

Don’t become addicted to trading in market

by sandysmiths » Fri Apr 14, 2017 8:34 am

Many of the novice traders fall for the fantasy of trading in Forex. The market is always open, you can trade from your home and there is so much money flying in the market. You only need to catch the money and that too you can do it from your home. These lucrative thinking and ideas are sufficient to make someone fall in trading. Eventually, a big number of new traders become addicted to the trading. The scenario is not same for the expert traders, as they have come to know the market with their years of experience.

If you are a new trader and thinking that you can also make money by trading all day, you will become addicted to it. Just because you place trade all day does not give you the surety of return of your money in a big profit. This article will be very helpful for you if you think you are glued to trading and becoming addicted.

Problems of trading addictions in Forex:
There are many problems that the addicted traders face in their CFD trading career. We are going to discuss very few of them. If you find any point that is related to you, take a breath and joy the view outside. There is always time to make a trade. No hurry.

Misinterpreting the market: It is the error 101 of trading addiction. If you are trading all day and could not live without placing a trade, you become addicted. There is a high chance that you will misinterpret the market. Experts have said that people who are addicted to CFD trading are found to misinterpret the most common basics of Forex signal. Do not be one of them.

Imaginary signals: If you are doing anything nonstop for a long time, you will start to see things that do not exist! Sounds pretty unbelievable, right?! Just trade continuously in your Forex account for one day, and you will know what we mean when your capital will be at stake. When you are overdoing your brain on a single job, you begin to see imaginary signals. These imaginary signals are the most treacherous thing in Forex and you cannot tell which one is true and which one is not in the chart. That is why famous traders have always said not to trade all day.

Solid trading strategy: There are many traders in the forex market who often lose their entire trading account since they don’t know how to execute the perfect orders in the market. If you look at the professional traders then you will notice that all of them are involved in CFD trading on a full-time basis after learning the basic of the market first. So if you think that you will become professional traders in the forex market then make sure that you learn the basic first before going live with real money.

Overtrading: Overtrading is considered to be one of the most common mistakes among the novice traders in the world. If you look at the professional traders in Saxo then you will notice that every single one of them is focused on high-quality trade execution in the market rather than high-frequency trade.

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